Chinese Film Consulting

CFC is proud to offer consulting services for Hollywood and European production companies looking for a liaison within China. Our consulting services will give you insider status and help navigate red tape, whether you are interested in financing, production or distribution/sales.

TALENT From Hollywood to China
CFC is working with Chinese filmmakers and studios to find and recruit talent from Hollywood (and elsewhere) to come to China to help increase the quality of Chinese films, and to take the Chinese film community to the next level. Tell us the nature of your project, the type and level talent you are looking for and we will find candidates that fit the bill.

SCREENPLAYS for Chinese Producers
Through its connections, CFC is also able to provide screenplays to Chinese producers looking for Hollywood product. Screenplays will be screened for ease in adaptation to Chinese locations, as well as appropriateness of themes, and cover a variety of genres.

China has just increased the quota on US films allowed to be imported for distribution from 20 to 34.  An additional 40 independent films will be allowed distribution. The new agreement also affords foreign filmmakers a larger share of the box office – 25% up from 13%.

For companies interested in the sale of motion pictures to and from China, distribution and marketing throughout the country, joint ventures and film production within the mainland, Chinese Film Consulting provides an insider’s vantage to navigate the political and cultural terrain.

U.S. and European filmmakers need help to make their production and distribution plans a reality. Chinese Film Consulting was founded to provide that assistance.

We are proud to offer the services of Su Mu, renowned film scholar, author and Professor at the Beijing Film Academy.

If you are interested in a share of this growing market, please contact us.